Hanif Montazeri, Ph.D.

Director of NuPhysics Graduate Training

Professor Hanif Montazeri is a computational physicist with expertise in high performance computing, algorithm design and advanced numerical techniques. Being a software entrepreneur while at the same time an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto, Professor Montazeri has a clear view of the mismatch between formal education and job market.  As such, under his leadership, this training program was created to help his bright students build a successful career in software related fields. To build this program, he gathered a senior team of software developers and data scientists who develop effective syllabuses, which teach skills that are actually being used in industries.

Our Industry Experts

(In order to allow them to disclose their involvement with NuPhysics Graduate Training to their employers voluntarily, the names of our industry experts have been withheld.)

Mathematical Finance Odysseus

Quantitative Analyst at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan
Lead Instructor, Mathematical Finance

Our mathematical finance Odysseus currently works as a Quantitative Analyst at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, among a skillful team whose expertise is entrusted in the financial security of 316,000 retired teachers.  Despite his foothold in the financial industry, he had his beginnings in engineering.  After earning his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto, he made a brave decision of changing his career in order to pursue his true interests.  Having been fascinated by questions regarding the science of money management, the theories of economics, and understanding the financial problems, he obtained his Master of Financial Mathematics at McMaster University.

User Interface Design Odysseus

Senior Software Developer at RBC
Lead Instructor, User Interface Design

As a senior software developer at RBC, our UI design Odysseus has a wealth of expertise in mobile applications. He has more than a decade of experience in distributed and mobile systems. His portfolio includes software application design, development, testing, problem solving, and maintenance in Windows, Linux, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, J2ME, HTML5, native and cross platforms mobile applications. He has designed and developed numerous native mobile applications for Android and BlackBerry, as well as cross platform applications using HTML5, CSS3 and Sencha/PhoneGap/jQueryMobile.  He has worked for several different companies both in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Quality Assurance Odysseus 1

QA Team Lead at Indigo
Lead Instructor, Automated Quality Assurance Testing

With his immense knowledge of QA test methodologies and practices, which he has applied for nearly a decade in industry, our QA Odysseus offers students valuable insight into the field of software QA. He is currently a QA Team Lead at Indigo, where he has been employed for 6 years. In his capacity in this role, one of his responsibilities is to mentor both junior and senior QA team members. Through this responsibility, he has proven himself to be highly adept at motivating his colleagues to complete high quality work, advancing their professional development along the way.  His thorough expertise in QA, combined with his extraordinary ability to bring out the best in his colleagues, makes him a valuable mentor to new graduates.

Quality Assurance Odysseus 2

Software Developer in Test at Ethoca
Lead Instructor, Automated Quality Assurance Testing

Our second QA Odysseus is a senior software developer with 7 years of hands-on experience in software testing and test framework development for UI and API functional and performance testing. He has designed and implemented an automated test framework, used to conduct regression functional UI testing using WebDriver and JUnit.  Furthermore, he also has experience in RESTful API regression functional testing using JUnit and REST Assured library.  His work experience includes periods with Ethoca, Vena Solutions and Questrade. He holds a Master’s degree in Information System Security and a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering.