We are now accepting applications for Fall 2017 (Oct 1 to Nov 30th). Apply today!

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Program Information: Fall 2017

Certificate in Mathematical Finance & Data Science: $5,200 (as low as $650 up front with Confidence Credit)

How do I apply?

To apply to our Mathematical Finance & Data Science program, please submit the following to training@nuphysics.ca:

  1. A brief statement of interest stating why you are choosing this program. It must be concise and realistic.
  2. Your transcript (unofficial transcripts are fine).
  3. Your résumé.

All applicants will automatically be considered for a Confidence Credit.

What is a Confidence Credit?

Each semester, NuPhysics offers a limited number of Confidence Credits to outstanding students to help them get the training they need. This advance allows the student to pay a small portion of the program fee at the start of the program, without any further costs incurred until they secure employment.  Upon securing employment, the student will owe an amount equal to one month of their salary.  This affirms our confidence that the student will secure employment after earning their NuPhysics Lighthouse certificate.  More importantly, it assures students that they will not need to pay the remainder of the program fee until their decision to take the program pays off.

For fall 2017, we are offering three tiers of Confidence Credits. Depending on their qualifications, applicants will qualify for Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3. Applicants who are assessed as eligible for a Tier 1 Confidence Credit will be only need to pay $650 up front. Recipients of a Tier 2 Confidence Credit will be required to pay $950 up front. Recipients of a Tier 3 Confidence Credit will have their payment plan determined on a case by case basis.