Conservation and recovery of natural resources are the cornerstones of sustainable development.  With human health being an endpoint of pollution pathways, rapid industrialization and urbanization have been shown to have harmed human health in an unprecedented manner in recent decades.  From the release of toxic and carcinogenic metals to soil and water resources to climate change resulting from the anthropogenic disruption of the natural carbon cycle, tremendous efforts are necessary to minimize adverse environmental impacts through the prevention of environmental damage, the remediation of the environment, and the maximization of resource recovery.

Environmental and Sustainable Engineering at NuPhysics develops innovative methods, techniques, and technologies aimed at pollution prevention, environmental remediation, and resource recovery.  The multi-expertise team of Environmental and Sustainable Engineering at NuPhysics is comprised of top-notch engineers and scientists with decades of expertise and experience in various disciplines of environmental issues. Our environmental group research, design, and manufacture innovative measures for the remediation of water, soil and air using modern day technologies. Our sustainability group design and manufacture innovative products to reduce the energy consumption of cooling and heating system both for industrial and residential applications.

The video above is a simulation of a square container being filled by a tap.  The simulation was rendered entirely by NuPhysics proprietary CFD software.