Most off-the- shelf simulation software suites contain many features that attempt to satisfy the needs of nearly all industries.  This makes the learning curve for users unnecessarily steep, and also forces them to pay for extraneous content that buries the features they actually need.  At NuPhysics, we design and create custom simulation software that offers you all the amenities you want without forcing you to spend more on unnecessary features that are irrelevant to your needs.  This means you will get simulation software that is better designed for your needs, and at a much lower cost than off-the- shelf simulation software suites.  We set up your custom software by modifying our code and integrating your physical parameters.  We then design you a custom, user-friendly graphical interface that is tailored to your application, meaning that you do not have to spend months learning how to use it.

NuPhysics welcomes collaboration with sensor manufacturers who need custom software that is tailored for their sensors. We accept licensing agreements for large projects. NuPhysics is led by engineering entrepreneurs with over 25 years of experience in numerical modeling, fluid dynamics, porous flow, surface physics, and big data engineering. Our simulation software can be tailored to the needs of a wide array of industries conducting predictive analytics and computational physics.  Please visit our Software Technology page for more information.